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Workbook Publishing is pleased to host as a service to parents seeking dependable and evidence-based information about anxiety and its treatment. We have partnered with Dr. Philip C. Kendall, author of the Coping Cat Treatment for anxious youth and preeminent researcher in the area of child anxiety, and Dr. Muniya Khanna, expert anxiety researcher and clinician to create and maintain the content so that you, the user, can have up-to-date information at your fingertips.

Workbook Publishing, Inc. is dedicated to bringing well-researched, empiricallysupported, and practical books, software, and audiovisual programs to mental health professionals, school counselors, parents, research professionals, or those seeking information and programs to help youth with emotional, cognitive, and behavioral problems.


Our focus to date has been in publishing manuals and materials for the treatment of childhood disorders, including stress and anxiety, depression, anger/aggression, behavior problems, and impulsivity.

Our treatment materials are specially designed for work with youth – engaging, appealing, and developmentally appropriate. The materials guide the implementation of cognitive-behavioral therapies where the goal is to provide opportunities for youth to learn skills to meet their specific needs. Whereas adults who receive psychological services may be less in need of friendly and directive materials, youth can benefit greatly from having engaging and appealing workbooks, software, and audiovisual aides to guide their learning experiences.

Authors of our publications adhere to the scientist-practitioner model, and the programs we offer are either empirically-supported or evidence-based. That is, the data gathered in research are used to determine what strategies are included in the treatments. Moreover, in several cases, the complete treatment programs have been implemented and evaluated, with the results indicating that the treatments are effective. Further research evaluation will inform and enhance the programs—being built with research, they remain open to changes based on research.

Our titles include the Coping Cat workbook, Cognitive-behavioral therapy for anxious children: Therapist manual, and Camp Cope-A-Lot, the first computer-assisted cognitive-behavioral treatment for anxious youth, including state-of-the art animation, videos, interactive media, and built-in homework and reward systems.
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