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Dr. Khanna and Dr. Kendall provide tips and tools for you and your child to live with less stress and anxiety.

Pop psychology

It has always been our goal to spread knowledge about good psychology to as many people as possible.Understanding of psychology and good mental healthcare should not be a privilege for the wealthy. If there are things we know that can be helpful,...

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What is CBT?

If you’ve done any Google™ or WebMD™ searches on helping kids with stress and anxiety, you may have found articles that say that “CBT is a recommended treatment” for childhood anxiety. And of course the next question would be, “what is CBT?” but...

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5 Steps to Handling “First Day” Jitters

I get lots of urgent calls from parents right at the beginning of the school year, after long holidays, and even at the start of new sports seasons. They are asking for help because their child is having a “really hard time” going back...

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Not sure if your therapist is providing CBT?

Here are some questions you can ask if your child needs services for an anxiety disorder, such as generalized anxiety disorder, social phobia, separation anxiety disorder, OCD, or a specific phobia: Does the type of treatment you do involve...

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Is it Time to Seek Treatment?

Having trouble deciding if it is time to seek treatment? A basic guideline is to think of (A) Intensity, (B) Frequency, (C) Interference and (D) Duration: A. Intensity:  How intense is the anxiety or stress your child is experiencing? Does...

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Is it Everyday Stress or Problematic Anxiety?

Anxiety is a normative, adaptive response that helps one to prepare for action in the face of potential harm. Most children experience some level of anxiety in response to everyday stress. The experience of everyday stress may not equate with...

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